Watching: A Travel Adventure Show

Or a dark crime drama.

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By Margaret Lyons

Television Critic

Dear Watchers,

There’s a “Finding Forrester” TV reboot in the works, and the Sean Connery hermit character will be a Black lesbian in this version. Steph Curry is among the show’s producers.

Have a safe week and a happy Thanksgiving.


I’m jealous of those towns where a dog is the mayor

A scene from “The Pack.”David Scott Holloway

‘The Pack’

When to watch: Now, on Amazon.

This diet “Amazing Race” series feels as if the recent past were mocking us. Travel used to be so ordinary, even dogs went on vacations! “The Pack” sends 12 people and their dogs around the world, racing to solve various puzzles and challenges along the way. The dogs and their owners all completed lots of training beforehand, and while the poochies clearly understand a variety of commands, I’m less convinced, despite what their owners say, that they understand prayer or the concept of elimination rounds.


The show gets off to a weak start but picks up as it goes on. If you’re looking for something where you can simultaneously roll your eyes a little and fantasize about participating, or if you want something that’s appropriate for most ages but not a kids’ show, watch this.

I need something that is the opposite of Thanksgiving

Caroline Proust in a scene from “Spiral.”MHz Networks


When to watch: Now, on MHz Choice; the first six seasons are also on Amazon.

You know things are going badly for a character on a French show when they have stringy hair. (On American shows, it’s when they wear baggy sweatshirts. On British shows, it’s when they have a very messy kitchen.) And when Season 7 of this French crime show begins, stringy hair abounds, and everyone is looking for a way to get back to his or her old self … maybe by solving this double murder?


You could just jump in — each season is about a different case — but the whole point of getting into a foreign crime show is to get all the way into it. So: Start with Season 1, which aired in France in 2005. In normal times, I’d say not to binge the whole thing, since it’s so dark, but some weeks just call for murder-show cocooning. The first two episodes of Season 7 are already available, and two more come out each Tuesday; Season 8 begins on MHz Choice Jan. 5.


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