Watching: A Potent Sports Documentary

And an enchanting season finale.

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By Margaret Lyons

Television Critic

Dear Watchers,

I’m not sure why these re-creations of TV opening titles, made with stock footage instead of shots from the show, are so charming to me, but they are. I’m partial to the one for “The O.C.,” but the “Buffy” one is pretty good, too.

See you Friday.


I miss sports

Michael Phelps after winning gold in the 4x-200-meter relay at the 2016 Olympics.Doug Mills/The New York Times

‘The Weight of Gold’

When to watch: Wednesday at 9 p.m., on HBO.

This one-off documentary, narrated by Michael Phelps, spotlights mental health crises among Olympic athletes and provides an important counternarrative to the rah-rah aspects of the Olympic movement. Phelps, Lolo Jones, Gracie Gold, Shaun White, Apolo Anton Ohno and several other athletes speak frankly about depression and suicide, and they criticize the lack of support and resources within their field. I wish the filmmaking here provided more context and depth, but brave candor is more than sufficiently compelling.


Sweep me off my feet, TV show

Paul Rudd and Amy Sedaris in the season finale of “At Home With Amy Sedaris.”Phil Caruso

‘At Home With Amy Sedaris’

When to watch: Wednesday at 10 p.m., on truTV.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve as only “At Home With Amy Sedaris” can on the third season finale of this gleefully warped spoof of a homemaking show. Paul Rudd guest stars as a strange suitor, and watching the episode is like eating candy from another country — it’s bright and surprising and fabulous, different from what you imagined and in a flavor you didn’t know existed but will crave forevermore.




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