Shortlist Recommends: The best booze deals of Amazon’s Prime Day 2020

Discount gin, whisky and vodka …
Amazon Prime Day continues ( – because when was just one day of deals ever enough for them? Yesterday we rounded up the best overall offers and you can still check our Prime Day deals hub ( to find the best discounts in tech, home and entertainment.
One area that Amazon seem to have gone big on this year is booze. There are more gin and whisky deals than we’ve ever seen before. We’ve done a big roundup of those, too ( . But if you’re short for time, here’s a selection of the best offers still available to buy right now.
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Get 26% off Ophir gin ( – Now only £16.99 – (
We’re rather fond of Ophir Oriental Spiced London Dry Gin. That spice isn’t overpowering but you still get a robust flavour that lingers. It’s usually priced around the £23 mark, so this is a decent 26% discount for a really nice bottle that deserves to be tried.
Buy Now – Ophir Oriental Spiced Gin – Was £23 – Now £16.99 (
S ( ave £16 on ( Laphroaig Single Malt ( – Now £24.90 – (
The best whisky deal of Prime Day has to be the Tamnavulin Speyside Single Malt ( which was going for £16.99 yesterday, but appears to be out of stock right now – do keep an eye out in case it comes back in. The second best whisky deal of Prime Day? This Laphroaig ( . It’s complex and smoky, with a long finish, and usually sells for around the £35 mark.
Buy Now – Laphroaig Quarter Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky – was £35 – Now £24.90 (
Save 40% on ( Snow Leopard Vodka – Now £21.99 – ( Although this vodka is on offer quite frequently, is rarely drops below the £25 mark and was priced around £35 for much of this year. It’s made with spelt grain for a distinct flavour and has a super smooth finish.
Buy Now: ( Snow Leopard Vodka – Was £25-35 – Now £21.99 (
Get ( 3 ( 5% off Brooklyn Gin ( – Now £25.99 – (
It’s still available, and it’s one of the best gin offers around right now. Brooklyn Gin is made from hand crushed cirtus peels and juniper using traditional small batch distilling methods. Usually priced at £30, this is the lowest we’ve ever seen Amazon sell it for.
Buy Now: ( Brooklyn Gin – Was £39.99 – Now £25.99 (
Save on Plymouth Gin ( – Now £18.99 – ( This is not the 29% discount that Amazon would have you believe, as this gin generally retails for around the £20-£25 mark. But as far as we can see, this is as cheap as it’s been in two years, so it’s still a decent offer.
Buy Now: ( Plymouth Gin 70cl – Was £20-25 – Now £18.99 (
Get ( 45% off ( ( The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve Single Malt Scotch ( – Now £19.99 – (
Usually priced around the £25 mark, this single malt scotch is one of Prime Day’s best whisky deals. Matured in American first-fill oak casks, it has a sweet, balanced taste and a smooth finish. Note, this is out of stock right now, but you can still buy for this price and have it delivered when it comes back in on the 19th October.
Buy Now: Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve Single Malt Scotch Whisky – Was £25 – Now £19.99 (
Save £20 on ( Johnnie Walker Blue Label ( – Now £109.99 – ( Johnnie Walker Blue Label is a velvety smooth and vibrant offering, blended from rare whiskies from around Scotland. Price wise, it’s been at the £130 for much of the year, so this is a good saving for a premium whiskey.
Buy now: ( Johnnie Walker Blue Label Blended Scotch – Was £130 – Now £109 (
Save 28% on ( Tarquin’s Cornish The Seadog Navy Gin ( – Now £29.90 – (
This is arguably one of the best gin offers of Prime Day, as it’s been priced at £41 for most of the year and was last available this cheap in November 2019. It’s a punchy 57% abv, packed full of intense flavour and hand-bottled with batch tasting notes.
Buy Now: ( Tarquin’s Cornish The Seadog Navy Gin – Was £41.03 – Now £29.90 (
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