Full List of 2021 Oscar Nominations + Zack Snyder’s Justice League First Reactions Are In

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WELCOME TO THE CINEMABLEND DAILY * Happy Monday! THE BIGGEST NEWS FROM THE WEEKEND * A-Rod Has Finally Responded After Rumors Of J-Lo Split Swirl * Taika Waititi Has Won A Grammy Award, And It Definitely Took Him By Surprise * Jamie Foxx And Kerry Washington Can’t Get Enough As Halle Berry Bares All In Sheer Red Carpet Dress At Home * The Lost Boys’ Alex Winter Has A Very Funny Story Involving The Oiled-Up Sax Guy EXCITING STORIES YOU MAY HAVE MISSED * Zack Snyder’s Justice League Reactions Are In, Here’s What People Are Saying * The Final Falcon And The Winter Soldier Trailer Is Here, And Sam’s Wielding That Shield Just Like Captain America * Why Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley Hilariously Thinks The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda Is ‘Cheating’ As A Force-User * 2021 Oscars Nominees Are Most Diverse Acting Slate Ever * The Grammys Got It Right… Until The Very End WEEKEND BOX OFFICE * Avatar Now Leads Avengers: Endgame At The Box Office, And The Russos Had The Best Response * ‘Avatar’ Regains All-Time Global Title After Re-release MOVIE TRAILERS YOU NEED TO WATCH * ‘Justice League’ Teaser Goes All In On Steppenwolf And Darkseid * ‘In The Heights’ Trailer Finally Debuts * Final Snyder Cut Trailer Teases Martian Manhunter
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