10 Netflix hidden gems you need to watch

Brilliant Netflix movies and shows that have gone under the radar
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This week, we had a gem of an idea
If you are a fan of gadgets, then this was the week for you. Not only did Apple show off its shiny new things, including an iPad Air (www.shortlist.com/news/new-ipad-air-2020-details-402427) , cheap(er) Apple Watch (www.shortlist.com/news/apple-watch-se-details-402426) and another Apple Watch (www.shortlist.com/news/apple-watch-series-6-details-402428-1-402428) , Sony lifted the lid on the PlayStation 5 (www.shortlist.com/news/ps5-news-details-release-date-402019) .
The age of the next-gen console is here with Sony revealing some new PS5 games (www.shortlist.com/news/best-ps5-games-402311) , the cost of the thing (www.shortlist.com/news/ps5-price-release-date-playstation-5-402434) and then made many a website crash thanks to putting the console up for pre-order (www.shortlist.com/news/ps5-pre-orders-details-402435-1-402435) . If you can find one on a digital shelf anywhere, then let us know.
Not to be outdone, GoPro revealed its brilliant new GoPro9 (www.shortlist.com/news/gopro-hero9-black-review-402433) , Huawei launched one of the nicest smartwatches (www.shortlist.com/news/huawei-watch-gt-pro-review-402432) we have ever seen and the brilliant Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 (www.shortlist.com/lists/samsung-galaxy-fold-2-review-402420) is now available to buy (but you better speak to your bank manager first).
This week also saw the arrival of Bill & Ted Face The Music (www.shortlist.com/news/biil-ted-face-the-music-uk-cinema-release-date-402431) in cinemas, a new banana rum (www.shortlist.com/news/she-hulk-casting-details-402436) and the casting of She-Hulk (www.shortlist.com/news/she-hulk-casting-details-402436) . Those familiar with the underrated Orphan Black will be happy that Tatiana Maslany got the gig.
Speaking of underrated shows, below we give a great big shout out to the movies and TV series on Netflix that we think are hidden gems you need to watch as soon as possible…
10 underrated Netflix gems you need to watch by Marc Chacksfield
We understand your pain when it comes to Netflix. The infinite scrolling, trying to find something to watch – the bickering with housemates and significant others over what genre of movie, whether or not you can just stick Tiger King on for the 40th time.
Hell, we even try to help with our myriad guides. Whether you are looking for the best Netflix movies (www.shortlist.com/lists/best-netflix-movies-401027) or awesome TV shows (www.shortlist.com/lists/best-netflix-tv-shows-400054) we have you covered. But, what’s that? You want more recommendations?
Okay, if you insist. Here’s ShortList’s guide to the underrated gems of Netflix. Those movies and shows that rarely make it into a best of, not because they are bad but because they just haven’t been found by enough people yet.
Watch these and you will instantly become more popular with your peers. Well, that’s an absolute lie but hopefully we can help curtail a few ‘what to watch’ arguments tonight and beyond.
John Was Trying to Contact Aliens
This is a beautiful, uplifting documentary that’s about John Shepherd, a man who has spent some 30 years trying to contact aliens by broadcasting his music into space. In just 16 minutes, it paints a fantastic picture of Shepherd, is blessed with a fantastic soundtrack and has an ending that will melt the coldest of hearts.
Watch On Netflix Now (www.netflix.com/watch/81252991)
A satisfying slab of sci-fi that’s more than a little tinged with the ’80s feel of Terminator and Robocop, Upgrade is directed by Saw writer Leigh Whannell. Whannell is on a roll right now, having also recently directed the rather excellent Invisible Man. Here, the story is about a vigilante given a new lease of life thanks to an AI chip that gives him some pretty special powers.
Watch On Netflix Now (www.netflix.com/watch/80240085)
Think the Walking Dead is the best zombie show on TV? Well, you obviously haven’t seen Kingdom. This South Korean TV show is a masterpiece in storytelling. It’s an historical epic that focuses on 16th century feudalism in South Korea, with added zombies! If you are a fan of Train To Busan and want a show that sprinkles in a bit of social commentary with its blood and guts, then this is for you.
Watch Now On Netflix (www.netflix.com/watch/80180171)
If you ever wondered what one of the directors of Crank was up to now (as we all do), well he’s making cracking TV in the form of Happy. This rather violent, blacker than black comedy series focuses on Christopher Meloni as a hitman who starts to see his daughter’s imaginary friend, which just happens to be an animated blue unicorn (voiced by Patton Oswalt). This one definitely isn’t for the faint hearted – it’s over-the-top schlocky, very crude but blisteringly funny at times. Annoyingly it was cancelled after just two seasons but, even though it leaves you hanging a little, it’s still well worth a watch.
Watch Now On Netflix (www.netflix.com/watch/80177346)
A low-key thriller, which passed many by when it was released in 2018, Calibre is about as far removed from Hollywood as you can get, but its fantastic performances and utter sense of dread makes for fine viewing. Jack Lowden stars as Vaughn who, alongside his friend Marcus, find their lives changed for the worse after a deer hunt goes very wrong.
Watch Now On Netflix (www.netflix.com/watch/80198478)
The Fundamentals of Caring
It’s rare that a film by the Peter Pan of movies (Paul Rudd) would pass us by but this one did first time around – we’re very glad we finally caught up with it on Netflix. Rudd is a writer who swaps his day job (or lack of it) to become a carer. He is given a job looking after Trevor (a brilliant Craig Roberts), who has muscular dystrophy. A road trip ensues and it all makes for a rather lovely movie.
Watch Now On Netflix (www.netflix.com/watch/80097349)
Good Time
If you had heart palpitation watching Uncut Gems, then maybe avoid the coffee when you watch Good Time – the directorial debut of the Safdie brothers. Batman himself, Robert Pattinson, stars as a bank robber on the run. It’s a pulse-pounding thriller that never misses a nervy beat, just make sure that you have a safe place to go to afterwards to calm down.
Watch Now On Netflix (www.netflix.com/watch/80191344)
Cam is a horror that focuses on cam girl Alice (a brilliant performance by The Handmade Tail’s Madeline Brewer) who goes through something of an identity crisis. It’s Lynchian in its story and gets downright creepy in places. If you are looking for a well-crafted, eerie movie that couldn’t be more prescient right now, with the rise of things like TikTok and Only Fans, then this is highly recommended.
Watch Now On Netflix (www.netflix.com/watch/80177400)

The first few episodes of Marianne are some of the scariest bits of TV we have ever come across. While the rest of the show doesn’t quite live up to the premise, this is a fantastic French chiller. Emma (Victoire du Bois) is a horror writer who comes back to her hometown to find out that the things she has been writing about may not actually be fiction after all. Annoyingly, this is another Netflix show that was cancelled too soon – but pretty much everything does get wrapped up in this one season.
Watch Now On Netflix (www.netflix.com/watch/80217779)
The Breadwinner
The Breadwinner is one of the most powerful animated movies on Netflix (yes, even with the amount of Studio Ghibli on there) and also one of the most overlooked. A girl, who lives under Taliban rule in Afghanistan in 2001, decides to dress as a boy to work and help her family, after her father is arrested. This is a wonderful movie that is all about finding hope, even when it looks like there isn’t any around. Its visuals are breath-taking, as is the score, but it’s the brilliant takedown of religious extremism that’s the reason to watch.
Watch Now On Netflix (www.netflix.com/watch/80217121)
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